2018 - 2022 NEW ARTWORK

Nature at its best is a Miracle.

In these photographs I am following a personal act of conscious freedom. When I undertake the journey to remote nature the focus of the work is on my own spirit in union with the ephemeral nature discovered without being influenced by an external need.

The photographs are a representation, through the ephemeral and timeless forms of the natural world, that could not be there in the next moment, or day, and they are part of eternity. I see it as a potential mystery to be solved, a stimulus for the imagination.

In my own discovery of the work there is a new way of seeing, feeling and understanding, that Nature is the Healing of the world, an attempt on my part to obtain new knowledge about the natural world and myself, a surprise to see a new language emerging, as if the universe was pushing me forward into the unknown to have a new connection to the ultimate reality.

Going back to nature for the work, I realize that Nature is the healing of the inner self, It means a life of freedom and emancipation without fear or identity. Not being free is the cause of all conflicts in this world.

In my own process, traveling and exploring in remote places, is a means to bring consciousness, healing, involvement and the need for change into new possibilities.

When I go to explore these remote natural places far from everything I discover and capture worlds that speak to my soul in a timeless and ephemeral way. I have to get closer, I take risks to get there. What I capture is not an act but alignment into Wholeness with nature and life, so that later the audience can solve it, feel it and imagine it in pure Satisfaction of Being...Existing, and Feeling Alive.

-Pablo Marquez 2020.


Fine Art Print on canson Infinity 310 g cotton paper, clear UV glass, (Museum Glass included on large artworks). Artist Frame, Certificate of Authenticity, Hand-signed by artist, sticker label, Signed and numbered on artist’s label affixed to reverse of mount.:

25 x 19 In. edition of 10 + 1AP $1,500 USD

30 X 24 In. edition of 7 + 1 AP $3,400 USD

48 x 35 In. edition of 5 + 1 AP $6,500 USD

67 x 47 In. edition of 3 + 2 AP $10,500 USD

All prices include Artist Frame. Buy Online by Request.

(Price increase depending on Edition number).

All prints are for personal usage only, intended for display in the home or other private spaces. For all other commercial uses, such as display in public spaces or institutions, publishing the image online or in print, for commercial use, permission must be granted by Galeria Pablo Marquez. Please contact info@pablomarquez.com.mx with any questions. Prices are quoted exclusive of tax.