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About Pablo Márquez.

Inner transformation into freedom.

Pablo Márquez work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions nationaly and internationaly including: Paul Fisher Gallery Miami, The Suthern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts, European Modern Art Museum of Barcelona, Galata Museo del Mare, Genova Italy. His works are included in the collection of The Suthern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts, and they have been featured in publications including The Circle of Arts Fundation, Lyon France, Art Spectrum the Chelsea prospective magazine, New York, Effecto Arte magazine, Rome Italy. 

 Pablo is an artist dedicated to fine art photography for more than 20 years, and over time he has been commited to the human spirit.

Born in Mexico City, he works on his own project and in private subjects, traveling through different countries and continents.

 He was assigned to the United Nations in New York as a foreign correspondent for Mexican media.  Sstudied filmmaking at SDSU in California and Howard University in Washington DC with the highly decorated independent filmmaker Haile Gerima. 

He made his first photographs of nature at a very young age and like everything important in life, it was love at first sight.

Young he made his first trip to India and later published a book. 

His range of work covers different cultures, always focused and committed to the human spirit and the nature of the planet.



Abstrat Landscapes 2020


In these photographs I am following a personal act of conscious 

freedom.  When I undertake the journey to remote nature the focus of the work is on my own spirit in union with the ephemeral nature discovered without being influenced by an external need.


The photographs are a representation, through the ephemeral and 

timeless forms of the natural world, that could not

be there in the next moment, or day, and they are part of 

eternity.  I see it as a potential mystery to be solved a stimulus for the imagination.


In my own discovery of the work there is a new way of seeing, feeling and understanding, an attempt on my part to obtain new knowledge about the natural world and myself, a surprise to see a new language emerging, as if the universe was pushing me forward into the unknown to have a new connection to the ultimate reality.


Going back to nature for the work, it means a life of freedom and emancipation without fear or identity.  

Not being free is the cause of all conflicts in this world.  


In my own process traveling and exploring in remote places is a means to bring consciousness, involvement and the need for change for new possibilities. 


When I go to explore these remote natural places far from everything

I discover and capture worlds that speak to my soul in a timeless and ephemeral way. I have to get closer, I take risks to get there. What I 

capture is not an act but a union with nature and life, so that later the audience can solve it, feel it and imagine it.  © Pablo Marquez 2020.


Statement the Landscapes from the Baja California Series.

Hold the vision, trust the process.

JOURNEY into TRANSFORMATION for Self Knowledge, Truth, Love, Freedom and Energy to enter a Journey into the unknown, I can not do art that I already know how to do.  

"Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things."

Isaac Newton

Align your self with the present moment, with now, into consciousness.


Last year, I went on a Journey to Baja California, one morning I experienced a life changing epiphany. So I followed it. I drove up north through places I had never been. During the Journey something happened- an inner transformation. I felt my self in union with everything around me,  as being non-existent, one with everything and without ego or self, a bliss.  As I kept driving, after few days, I slowly came to realize on an intuition and perception, that I had come to that quiet place where the mind stops its normal activity, and one is in a state of consciousness all the time.  Where one is in alignment with the present moment and there is no fear whatsoever. Honoring the present moment and being present became a joy. At the same time I started creating the images you see here.  It was something very simple, yet something in me had changed. 


There I came to be between the dialectic of reason and intuition.  I became aware of the cosmos and my unity with all.  I was true to the moment, true to life, to myself, and for some reason, there was no past.  Without fear I had all this energy to be and to do

and used this to seek the truth about myself.


There and then I came to embrace an uncomfortable unknown inner space.  I was alone in the middle of nowhere.  I felt love in every cell of my being. 

With that freedom I made these photographs.  Knowing myself at the deepest level, very concentrated on the moment, but allowing it to to happen.  without knowing how I was making it.   The beauty was that the universe was assisting me and I was trusting and open.


The game is on...Create your future from the unknown...

from your Essence. What matters is Consciousness.

It is always Now, what we truly have is this moment.

Life becomes beautiful only when you are willing to give your all.


(essence: is fluid).


Pablo Márquez

Baja California  2018


©Pablo Márquez 2018



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