Videos - Exploration The power of nature

Field notes- Journey into Discovery and Transformation.

solo traveling, transformation 


Pablo Márquez


Time is always now. In this Inner and Outer Journey, I keep distancing myself from my identity and keep finding more of what my soul wants.  

These photographs are inspired by my personal experience of living in communion with and feeling connected to nature.  The magic came from being present and holding the vision, trusting the process.   A journey into Inner Transformation for Self Knowledge, Truth, Love, Freedom and Energy.   I began a journey into the unknown.  I do not want to do art that I already know how to do.  I align myself with the present moment, with the now, into consciousness.


One morning in México City, I experienced a life changing epiphany, so I followed it. I went alone on a journey to Baja California.  I drove up north through places I had never been. 

During the Journey something happened- an inner transformation. I felt myself in union with everything around me. I was one with everything with no ego or self and a complete sense of bliss came over me.  Then I realize by intuition and perception, that I had come to that quiet place where the mind stops its normal activity and one is in a state of consciousness all the time.  Honoring the now and being present became a joy.  At this time

I started creating the images you see here. 


Something in me had changed.  There, I came to be in the dialecticof reason and intuition.  

I became present in the middle of nowhere, aware of nature, the planet, the universe and my unity with all.  I was true to the moment, true to life, to myself, and for some reason, there was no past, only an infinite now.  

There and then, I came to embrace an uncomfortable, unknown inner space.  I was alone in nature faraway from everything. I felt love in every cell of my being.  With that freedom Itook these photographs.  Somehow I knew myself at the deepest level, and felt a connection with everything, very concentrated in the moment, but allowing it to happen. The beauty was that the universe was assisting me and I was trusting and open.

The game is on...create your future from the unknown...from your essence. 

What matters is Presence, Awareness, Consciousness, Now.


It is always Now.  What we truly have is this moment.  Be here, take it, it is yours to be.

Life becomes beautiful only when you are willing to give your all.

(essence is fluid).

Video comming soon.