Elogio del amor, Praise of Love 2000

Pablo Marquez

The spoken and the unspeakable are part of love and beauty, of life and art.
The first thing you notice in the presence of a flower is its beauty. Lively colours, exotic and sensual forms, pure nature. You can feel the passage of time or the moment stopped, an instant. The circle of life and death appears, it surrounds you, it happens in a tremendous way, in a few days that beauty passes to wither suddenly, life is wise, the old passes to another plane to make way for the new.
In our lives, in our passionate work, we exist in the present. Consciousness, which is defined as the self knowledge a human being has of himself and his environment, how present you can be in a moment becomes important for the one who calls himself an observer. The experience is everything.
Rilke with his poetry raised the difficulty of the communion of the ineffable in a difficult time for the world. Perhaps looking at these images and reading these poems will help us to bebe better. Pablo Marquez.

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