PRESENCE 2021. The Book

Pablo Márquez, 2020

Dimensions: 30x25 cm / 12x10 in

Pages: 180

PRESENCE- The Book - Regular Edition. Explotration, Discovery.

Time is always now.  PRESENCE  Is a spiritual journey in Baja California, México in serch for the beauty of nature and the ocean. 
Nature is my source of inspiration and creativity in serch for the Divine.
 This is what took me to the end of the road of Baja California.
For the last 20 years in Baja California, I developed an obsession for the landscape and the ocean.
This is when the Presence came about.
It’s in presence, in the now , exactly where everything takes place for me. 
It is, after all, the subject of all my images.
I hope that through these pages, I have been able to convey a feeling for the nature. A wonderful place that I’m passionate about, that I love and protect.


"In these photographs I am following a personal act of 

conscious freedom.  When I undertake the journey to remote nature the focus of the work is on my own spirit in union with the ephemeral nature discovered without being influenced by an external need." Pablo Marquez





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