INDIA, 1991 - 1992

Pablo Marquez, 1992

 This book tells the story of a family in India.  It is also the story of luminous color found in the desert city of Jaisalmer.


A spiritual homage in photographs to India with an essay by Pablo Fernández Márquez who has turned to the most spiritual city, with a magical view that is personal and human.

Jaisalmer on the north west of India is illuminated in each of Fernández Marquez’s photos of desert life children looks and mystery.

Both the children and the landscape are captured here with unique quotes on self knowledge; India is a book on a very special and spiritual city to date. 


Pablo Fernández Márquez is a photographer and a flmmaker.He studied flmaking at Howard University, Whashinton D.C, His work has been selected by the National Juried Photography Exhibit East Coast Artists. He has made art flms books. Worked with the United Nations in New York as a foreign correspondent.  Attended, NYU, New York University Graduate Film. 


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